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Cupcake wrappers are a fantastic way of finishing off your cupcakes and making them extra special.

The wrappers are decorative paper sleeves that wrap around the baked and decorated cupcake and add a lovely finishing touch or elegance, perfect for a special occasion such as a wedding or Christening.

The wrappers are generally either laser cut, which means they have a very detailed patterned cut out of the rim of wrapper, often following themes such as stars, roses or holly. Or they can be simpler, bolder designs with a patterned edge such as scalloped. Whatever the occasion there will probably be a wrapper perfect for it. And to make the cupcake extra special many ranges of wrappers also have a coordinating range of picks and toppers.

// Questions about Cupcake Wrappers

1. How expensive are the wrappers?

Wrappers are not cheap especially the laser cut ones which can cost around £6-7 for 12 as they are very ornate. The simpler ones are cheaper and cost around £5-6 per dozen. But remember these wrappers make an ordinary cupcake into something extra special so maybe use them only for very special occasions.

2. Where can I buy the wrappers from?

For the largest range of wrappers your best bet is to look at online cupcake or cake decorating supplies stores who all generally stock a wide range of wrappers. Some of the major supermarkets are also stocking a very limited range of wrappers as well.

3. Can I re-use the wrappers?

Probably not, though it does depend how they are handled. The wrappers are often very delicate and don’t take much for them to break. So the excited hands trying to get to your tempting cupcake may mean you can’t use them again!