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Wedding cupcakes are becoming very fashionable and prove a great alternative to the traditional tiered fruit cake.

One of the big reasons why they have become increasingly popular is that sponge cake and especially strongly flavoured cakes such as chocolate fudge or lemon meringue pie are now preferred over the heavier fruit cakes and so can be adapted to suit the mini cake form of cupcakes. They are also a lot less formal than a more traditional iced and tiered cake so suit many wedding couples style and personality.

That’s not to say that cupcakes don’t have style – they do! Most cupcakes are either finished with a piped swirl or topped with fondant icing (sugarpaste) and then beautifully decorated to tie in with the wedding theme such as tied with satin ribbon, topped with sugar flowers or butterflies, or just left plain with a hint of sparkle! The effect of a tiered cake is still kept by using cupcake stands which holds the cupcakes upright as well as adding height, almost making a cupcake tree. These stands can hold anything from 12 to 200 cupcakes and come in a variety of finishes / styles. There are also cupcake stands that are similar to a tiered cake stand, which allows an iced cake to be placed on the top tier so that couples get the best of both worlds, and also keeps with the tradition of keeping a tier for a Christening cake.