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When you have slaved over the stove, and covered yourself in buttercream and sprinkles you will definitely want to show off your cupcakes to their best!

This is where cupcake stands come in. Stands are generally wire, acrylic or card and can hold anything from 12 to 100 cupcakes. Like cupcake cases and wrappers these stands come in lots of designs and colours to perfectly complement your specific style of cupcake such as pink polka for a girl’s birthday or ivory/gold for a wedding.

Stands can cost anything from £5 to £30 but can be re-used so prove to be good value for money. You can of course make your own stand if there is a specific design or look you want to achieve by covering cake drums with paper and stacking them together with cake dummies wrapped in ribbon. Alternatively why not think about hiring a stand for your wedding display?

Cupcake stands are used to display off your cupcakes and often make a real centre piece for your mini cakes. The stands either hold the cupcakes individually separated from each other, on an individual ‘arm’ of the cupcake stand or they are clustered together on tiered ‘plates’. Generally cupcake stands will also add height as well providing a stable base where the cupcakes won’t knock in to each other.

There are dozens of different cupcake stands available today, whether you want something for a one off occasion that is inexpensive or something more heavy duty that you can use time and time again. Generally cupcake stands that you can buy fall into 3 main categories which are cardboard stands that can be disposed of, metal or wire stands that can with stand much more use and acrylic or Perspex stands which are the least common of the three types but which are very flexible in their usage.

The costs, designs and patterns of the cupcake stands are varied, and so there is nearly always something to meet your needs and requirements. But if you have a specific or unusual stand in mind, or if you just fancy getting stuck into a DIY project then you can of course make your own stand. By making your own you are sure to something unique and often these are much cheaper than the readymade stands.

// Cupcake Stand Questions

1. Where can I buy cupcake stands from?

You can buy cupcake stands from good cookware shops, online at specialist cake or cupcake decorating retailers or many major supermarkets are now stocking a limited range of cardboard cupcake stands.

2. Are cupcake stands expensive?

The cost is dependent on the design and size of the cupcake stand. A small cardboard stand is the cheapest option, with the tree like metal ones being the most expensive. Costs start at around £5 for a cardboard stand and about £20 for a small metal one. You can of course make your own for a few pounds!

3. Can I hire cupcake stands?

Many cake decorating shops and cupcake makers do hire out cupcake stands, especially the larger tiered stands which hold 100+ cupcakes. Generally you pay for a few days hire so hiring a stand is often cheaper than buying one especially if you only want to use it once.