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There is a countless number of cupcake recipes available ranging from the very simple like vanilla to the self-indulgent bannoffe or chocolate cupcake.

Whichever flavour and topping you go for the basic make up of the cupcake remains the same, which are eggs, flour, fat and sugar. You are then left to let your imagination run wild when it comes to flavour as well as added textures such as nuts or choc chips.

As well as the flavour of the cupcake sponge, it is now increasingly common have a coordinating flavoured syrup and flavoured topping, ganache or frosting. There are lots of resources for finding cupcake recipes with hundreds of books now readily available purely focusing on cupcake recipes as well as plenty of cupcake websites.

There are thousands of cupcake recipes on the market today, catering for every taste bud and need. Cupcakes are no longer glorified vanilla buns but now are mini cakes in their own right, often layering complex and delicate flavours together. More often than not, you see many cupcakes having a differently flavoured sponge base to the filling and frosting / buttercream which either compliment or coordinate together.

Like most recipes, the quality and freshness of the ingredients is key, and really does make a huge difference to the flavour and texture of the finished cupcake. So, where possible use free range eggs, good quality butter and other organic ingredients for example. And while lower fat, healthier versions and recipes are available, the cupcake is quite calorific and while substitutions can of course be made, such as using skimmed milk instead of whole milk, this will affect the flavour and texture. So in our opinion keep these little cakes as an occasional, special treat.

If you do have special dietary requirements then there are plenty of cupcake recipes which have been deigned to meet your needs such as gluten, soya or nut free as well as low fat/sugar cupcakes, so don’t be put off making them. There is generally always a substitution that can be made.

// Questions about Recipes for Cupcakes

1. How long will cupcakes last?

Cupcakes will stay at their best for approximately 2-3 days though they could last a little longer depending on the recipe. If you need the cupcakes to last longer, then freeze them un-iced, and defrost well and slowly before decorating.

2. How expensive are they to make?

Generally cupcakes are inexpensive to make, but for really good quality ones you will need to spend a little more on free range eggs and good quality butter for example. For a standard basic cupcake expect to spend 20-40 pence per cupcake and for an organic / free range cupcake this will be more, or if you use expensive ingredients such as good quality chocolate or maraschino soaked cherries.

3. How do I store cupcakes?

If the cupcake has a buttercream then store them in an airtight container in a cool dry place. If the cupcake has a cream cheese frosting then store them in the fridge, but let the cupcakes come to room temperature before serving.

4. What tools and equipment will I need?

A baking tray or muffin tin (if using a baking tray then use double cases per cupcake), paper or silicone cupcake cases, hand mixer or freestanding kitchen mixer with a paddle or k-beater attachment. To decorate the cupcakes either a palette knife or a piping bag with a piping tube / nozzle attached.

5. How long will they take to make?

To prepare the cupcake batter / mixture will take approximately 10-15 mins, to bake the cupcakes will take around 15-20mins and to decorate the cupcakes (when they are cool) will take 5-15 mins depending on the how you want to decorate them.