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Decorating the cupcakes is where the real fun begins and where you can let your imagination run wild. Cupcake decorations and sprinkles don’t have to be from a specialist shop, they can be use things you already have in your cupboards such as sweets and a fresh fruit slice.

Generally anything referred to as a decoration is large sugar or marzipan item such as a flower, butterfly or shape where you would probably only use one per cupcake. These can be made by you or bought ready made from a specialist cake decorating shop. Sprinkles are generally much smaller sugar based items such as silver balls, coloured sparkly sugars or novelty shapes such as alphabet letters. They can be liberally sprinkled over your cupcakes or used in tandem with a larger decoration.

As well as decorations made from sugar and marzipan there are is also a wide range of sprinkles made from chocolate which taste and look great as well as additive free sprinkles which would be great for kids.

Whatever the occasion there are cupcake sprinkles and decorations to suit such as white roses perfect for weddings, baby booties for Christenings and dinosaur sprinkles great for a boys dinosaur themed birthday.


// Questions about Decorating Cupcakes

How much do cake decorations cost?

The price really does vary on the cake decoration and how large / detailed it is. For example a hand crafted sugar rose can cost anything from £1 upwards for each flower, where as a small glittery star could be a few pounds for 20 or so. If you need a lot of decorations then making your own could be cost effective.

Where can I buy cupcake decorations and sprinkles from?

For the biggest range of sprinkles and decorations a specialist online retailer is your best bet. You can also find some basic sprinkles in the major supermarkets that have started to do their own range as well as stocking other brands such as Dr Oetker.

Are the sprinkles edible?

Most sprinkles are edible, it should clearly say on the packet if they are as well as listing ingredients and a best before date. However while edible some of the large decorations such as sugar roses may not be the nicest thing to eat, as it will be like eating a huge sugar lump. The nicest tasting sprinkles are the chocolate ones which have a nice flavour as well as texture.